onsdag 21 mars 2018

Idag är det internationella skogsdagen!

Varför skall man använda FSC certifierat trä i produkter? Det finns många bra anledningar! Se några nedan, plockat från FSC internationals hemsida dagen till ära:

I’m a producer. Why should I use FSC-certified wood in my products?

According to research by the UN’s Economic Commission for Europe, just a ten per cent increase in timber-framed buildings across Europe would generate CO2 savings equivalent to 25 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions reduction target set out by the Kyoto Protocol.
If you are in the manufacturing or construction trades, consider using FSC-certified wood in projects to benefit from superior performance and help reduce the impact of climate change.


Unlike most processed construction materials, which cause carbon emissions, wood products store carbon absorbed by the trees they were made from. Building with wood keeps this carbon out of the atmosphere for longer. FSC-certified wood is also harvested from forests that are managed to ensure regeneration, so new trees grow and absorb more carbon.


Wood requires the least energy to produce of any mainstream construction material. Every cubic metre of wood used instead of other materials saves 1.1 tonnes of CO2. Added to the 0.9 tonnes stored in the wood, this amounts to a saving of two tonnes.


Wood has the best thermal insulation properties of any mainstream construction material: five times better than concrete, ten times better than brick, and 350 times better than steel. A 2.5 cm timber board has greater thermal resistance than an 11.4 cm brick wall.
With building legislation increasingly requiring improved thermal efficiency and lower energy consumption, using wood is a simple and long-lasting way to comply with the rules and improve performance through the lifetime of a building.

Renewable, reusable, recyclable

FSC-certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests, so is renewable. It is also reusable, and requires less energy to recycle than other materials.

Versatility and aesthetics

Wood is a versatile natural material: FSC-certified wood is used in more than 400 product groups worldwide. Wood is also believed to create a healthy environment. Research has shown that wood buildings and interiors are perceived as warm, relaxing, comforting, and welcoming.


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